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ONLI STUDIOS is based in the Bridgeport Art Center. On the 3rd floor in suite 3110 on the Racine side’s Sculpture Garden Entrance near 3400 south Racine in Chicago IL.

We are a MBE Certified Business with a focus on Independent Publishing, Fine Art, and Educational Services to bring Graphic Novels to the classroom to enhance student engagement.

We are actively seeking secure and highly motivated partners, investors, advertisers, collectors and college level interns.

Our intellectual properties offer fantastic growth opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Name of the event:
“Rhythmistic Journey”

“Heroes & Villains” Exhibition

South Side Community Art Center

3831 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago IL Until Dec. 31st 2015
Date and time of event: Open Studios

Each 3rd Friday: 6pm until 10pm.


3400 south Racine

Chicago IL USA

Contact Us
Our helpful staff is available by appointment, Monday through Saturday, to answer your creative needs.


All characters, images, illustrations and text are Copyright 2015 Turtel Onli. They are not to be reproduced in any manner or re-purposed without written permission from Turtel Onli.


Prof. Onli teaches Studio Drawing & Art Appreciation at the Harold Washington College in Chicago. Here we see one of his students doing figure drawing of “Godzill!a


Each summer ONLI STUDIOS partners with the DuSable Museum to feature an outdoor indie-mini-comix-con as part of the museum’s annual summer arts and crafts festival.

Prof. Turtel Onli on Wikipedia