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Environmental justice made easy with "Let's Go Green In Da City!"
An ever-cool easy to use activity book that shows various ways to Go Green in the urban setting.  Featuring the Button-Heads, offering ideas, concepts and practices for sustainable methods that have amazing impact. It even includes a water conservation activity!
Onli Studios' Activity Books
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. 
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Body Positive wellness meets Fitness in the "Mega Sustah-Girl Work Out Book". It is a reference book, work out journal and personal care resource tool totally illustrated by talented female artists. .>
"East / West Zodiac Horoscpoe Journal" compares and contrasts the two major Horoscope systems. The Western Zodiac meets the Chinese Zodiac. Multiculturalism meets the metaphysical in this open source interactive journal. 
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
A positive fantasy life leads to a positive reality! "Punkin's Imagination" is a coloring book / activity book featuring a young boy who uses his imagination to conjure creative  playmates.  The book offers the reader open pages where she or he can then create their own unique creative playmates.
Wellness & fitness made easy with the introductory version of the "Sustah-Girt" Work Out Book". Here our Rhythmistic shero shows how to be fit and how to make healthy choices with a resource journal that is interactive and open to input.
The Great Migration of the early 20th Century is the concept behind this wonderful activity book. "Color  Me Bronzeville!" You get to read intelligent prompts that move you through the magical reality of the community of Bronzeville. 
This vibrant legendary District of Chicago is full of history, culture, art, commerce & music. A turly  fantastic lesson in diverisity's Americana.
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Educators and Librarians have used these products with positive results in classes and group sessions.
ONLI STUDIOS has given presentations in schools, libraries and museums to share and support recreational reading and other benefits from its growing line of activity books.  This material has the appeal of popular Comic-books or Graphic Novels, yet provides a foundation for academic objectives in Literary and Visual Art. 
                     Bulk orders of 30 or more come with a discount!
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"Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" is that rare activity book designed to give flow to your inner writer.  This ever-cool book has no ttext.  Its powerfully illustrated pages ask for the owner / user to supply the narrative. The actual story-line. Discussions and content. Its action packed and more!

Printied in black & white means the user can add collor, collages and other visuals in making this 132 page activity book their own. Here, a picture is sitll worth a thousand of your words! It contains links to related reels that expand the user experience.
        These are pages from each of the activity books presented.
A "Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" page.
A colored page from "Color Me Bronzeville".
A page from "Let's Go Green In Da City".
A page from the "East / West Zodiac Journal".
A page from "Punkin;s Imagination".
A page from the "Mega Sustah-Girl Work-Out Book".