Prof. Onli blends the practical professional experience from his tenure as a major-market Illustrator / Fine Artist and training in Art Education along with a background in Art Therapy. All in an organic nexus of learning & expression that reaches each "Introduction to Air-Brush" residency participant to best benefit their unique set of prior knowledge, talent, skill, vision, and objectives.              Participant centered yet standards based.
"Extending "The Rhythmistic Quilts" collection is my primary art making goal. To complete four new textile panels that will later be enhanced by Master Quilter, Patrick Walen.  I started this body of work in the late 1980s.  However it got derailed when I experienced a devastating studio fire that destroyed or damaged most of them. Now for this revival!"
"Rhythmistic Quilts, where I re-contextualize selected world icons into a future-primitif expression to over-ride aspects of otherness to arrive at a fresh appreciation of how they can travel beyond time and space in content and context."
This collection started in 1988 with images from Africa and now is looking toward the First Nations' Native American iconic Kokopelli to symbolize Visual Art, Performing Arts, Literature and Music.
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Prof. Onli was awarded a two month extension to the Summer 2020 
Flex Residency:

"Hi Turtel,

I'm so happy that it works out! And in typical HPAC fashion, it never hurts to ask :) Megha and I agree that you have taken great advantage of the time to push your work. And with other facilities like Polsky starting to open, there are more aspects of the residency that only are now opened up to you. We're excited to see where that may go too! Gratitude all around - I look forward to seeing more /discussing more in your studio.

Very best,

Allison Peters Quinn,
Director of Exhibitions & Residencies

Hyde Park Art Center
" Gallerists, Collectors, & Curators will note that this is when and where I pivoted from 
experimental to affirmed in my five decades long Rhythmistic practice.
 Rhythmism Lives!"   Unique Rhythmistic Fine Art Auction Link
Turtel Onli, July 2020
Each panel, directly below, represents one of the four major forms of the creative arts.  Visual Art, Performing Art, Literature & Music.  Painted on 100% vintage cotton.  50 inches by 40 inches. To be embellished, enhanced and finished by Patrick Walen with his quilting and fabric selections. Offering the re-contextualized future-primitif Kokopelli as the carrier of these Rhythmistic expressions.
Onli hosted an enthusiastic visit from Dan Nadel, a Brooklyn based Curator. Often other art lovers flowed through to experience this Rhythmistic Residency.
                  Auction Link
Visual Arts Koko
Performing Arts Koko.
Literature Koko
Music Koko
Onli has tested Rhythmism in various markets, under often medieval oversights, in commercial and fine art circles, as an arts educator, art therapist, fine artist, illustrator, or indie-publisher. In each arena, based on standards and measures not of his creation.  Each metric reached the same undeniable conclusion.
Rhythmism ruled the day!  

There is no force like an idea whose time has come.  Rhythmism Lives!  Onli did not create the notion and concept.  He identified it and gave it a name.  Not to mention his astute gifted level of long term dedication! 
 All great art movements deserve no less!
"I joyfully reconnected with my fave art making tool.....the air-brush!. I have returned to teaching Air-Brush.  Recently at Ox Bow's Summer 2023 term to students from the School of the Art Institute & The University of Texas, Austin."
Collectors, Fellow residency artists, curators, students, and smart art lovers visited this edtion of the Rhythmistic Residency to learn and experience this pivot from experimentation to affirmation.  "Rhythmism Lives!"
Prof. Onli has presented residencies, lectures, or art-demos at the Musem of Contemporary Art, Chicago, The University of Illinois, Chicago, The Box Factory For the Arts, St. Joseph Michigan, Ox Bow Michigan, The Chicago. The University of Chicago Lab School, Cool Globes, and the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago.