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Museum Curators will love our complete bodies of Rhythmismtic, Future-Primitif visual art ready for exhibition or collection!

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Below is"Dancer's Trust' 2015, a 50" X 50" oils on linen masterwork from Prof. Onli that is waiting for that special moment and connection.
You can see the musical-magic of their special moment. Unframed so that its new owner can embellish it.
                                                                                         There is a passionate intelligence in this artwork.

                                                                 "Ownership is the highest form of appreciation!"

                                                   Prices, rental options, reproduction rights and exhibition opportunities are available upon request.
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Master Quilter Patrick Walen of the Quilters' Apothecary is collaborating with Onli to revive his Future-Primitif collection of quilts. The original collection was almost totally destroyed in 2001 due to a devastating live-work space fire. These Rhythmistic quilts will make powerful additions to museum collections that are looking to expand into works that are culturally dynamic and manifests a higher level of design and technique aspects.  They will be a recontextualizing of iconcs relate to selected world cultures.
  Below are assorted reviews and related documentation
  of Onli's Rhythmistic fine art practice.
Above: "Reach" 2001, is a 30" X 40" oils on canvas in a contrasting antique French Provencial frame. This masterwork expresses the Sun as the source of life on Earth and its bonds with humanity. 

 Left: Is the Rhyththmistic artist Onli with a newly completed Rhythmistic textile panel while above is from a studio visit. during a recent exhibition , residency / lecture.
BELOW: This is a 40" X 30" oils on canvas center piece from the triptych, "As The Sirens Sweetly Sang", circa 2009. It express humanity's role as responsible steward to a healthier ecosystem. Inspired by events related to a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico & a song by the classic rock-Pop group, Cream. "Sirens" is also featured in the 2021 edition of the internationally renown PRIZM ART FAIR EXPO in Miami Florida.   Right: "Orchids - Melon" 2009, is a 36" square oils on canvas and is part of the expanding organic Passion Fruit series that recontextualizes the healthy iconic watermelon..
Below: "Yellow No Evils" 1998, is a 40"W X 30"H acrylics on canvas Rhythmistic treatment of the sage universal proverb of Seek No, Speak No & Heed No Evil. It is a part of Onli's evolving "No Evils" series of future-primitif visual art. Onli often uses the effect of baldness to remove vanity and to suggest purity.  This collection leading Rhythmistic painting is featured in the 2021 edition of the PRIZM ART FAIR EXPO in Miami Florida. LINK.
"The Rhythmistic Bench", 1995: To the delight of many fun-loving families and museum goers this form of functional art is in the permanent collection of the Chicago Children's Musuem.
Prof. Onli has worked to place his Rhythmistic Fine Art in the most important Art Collections and Anthologies among the selected art of other great genres, movements and artists.
                                   13 REASONS WHY A COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL ART IS IMPORTANT !

Having original art in the home, place of business or legacy portfolio is vital to your well being. Art is a key asset for many reasons and yet it is sometimes put on the back burner in comparison to other acquisitions. This list is dedicated to the understanding of importance of art from perspectives of status, interior design, well being, social atmosphere, creating a mood, expressive values, cultural enlightenment and more. 

One quote that stands out about the importance of original art is the following, “You would never put fake books on your bookshelf, so why would you put fake art on your walls? Another is, "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

For all of the following reasons, you can find the perfect work for your home or office on our online store (we can ship to you!) here.

1. Creates Mood 
Brain scans have revealed that looking at works of art trigger a surge of dopamine into the same area of the brain that registers desire, pleasure, and romantic love ( Romantic, sublime landscapes provoke contemplation of nature and purity. Such works then create a mood of peace and are good for relaxation rooms such as the lobby, bedroom or salon. 

2. Adds Personal Character to the Home 
We all love to express ourselves, be it through clothing, accessories, social media - the list goes on! Original art is a perfect way to express your artistic and aesthetic interests in a way different from most, for original artworks are one of a kind. 

3. Makes Memories
Buying an original work of art is an experience. For whatever reason, you were drawn to a specific piece (or multiple). You may have seen it at a show opening, had a nice trip  before hand. Whatever happened leading up to/during/after the purchase of a meaningful original work will be remembered every time you see it. This will not happen with a poster from Ikea. 

4. Provides a Colour Palette 
When rooms have a lot of colours, or many shades of the same colour, it can become overwhelming. An original work of art is a beautiful, meaningful, and dynamic way to tie everything together and create a general focal point. 

5. Makes a Room Feel Finished 
When walls are empty, a room does not necessarily look bad, but by no means does it look finished. Rooms with empty walls are functional rooms. Rooms with original art work are comfortable expressive spaces. 

6. Inspires and Fosters Creativity 
This one is simple - in rooms with no art, artistic expression is lacking and therefore the need and want for creativity is not very prominent. On the opposite end of the spectrum, original artworks foster creativity, expression, artistic inspiration. This is particularly important in homes with children or businesses with an appreciation for creativity, as being surrounded by artwork will encourage robust creative thinking. This idea is expanded on in reason 11. 

7. Conversation Starter 
As mentioned in reason 2, hanging original art in is a way of expressing oneself. That being said, guests will always be curious about the choice of artwork, the story, have questions about the artist, etc. It is a way to show off your art collection while having passionate conversations making for improved connections

8. Supports Artists 
One of the most important things about buying original artwork is that you are supporting an artist’s career. Each time you have a look at a work in your collection, it provides a feel-good emotion that you are assisting an artist in achieving the success and recognition on par to your values. 

9. It is an Investment 
Building off of reason 8, not only does owning original work in the home allow you to support artists’ careers, but it is also an investment. These artworks can be passed down through family and friends, be shared with loved ones for many years all while increasing in worth. The USA Tax Codes allow for write-offs per certain Fine Art donations to not-for-profit museums, hospitals, and art centers.This is never something that will be achieved with a $12 print from Walmart. 

10. Creates a Livable Environment 
Art can make rooms that are not necessarily “home-y” become comfortable working and living environments. A home office, for example, can transform from a place of work and business to one of relaxation and productivity all the with addition of an original work of art. Attached is an article explaining how artwork in office spaces improves employee productivity 

11. Keeps the Brain Active 
Art is very conceptual, artists use it as a medium to express personal thought, political or social issues, and to make us as viewers think. Some people do quizzes or crossword puzzles to keep their brain active, but another way to do so is to own original artwork, to just sit, look, think and envision!

12. Relaxation 
In a busy, fast-paced world that demands speed and productivity, home should be a place of relaxation. Coming home from a busy day at work to sit on your couch and stare at a TV or a blank wall is not as recharging or relaxing as enjoying an artwork purchased with the means to create a positive mood. 

13. Curating Your Own Gallery is Fun! 
Last but certainly not least, curating a gallery is fun! Attending show openings, going to galleries, chatting with artists even, it is a fun experience! After a while you will start to notice a theme, in subject matter, colour, concept, etc. Playing with moods, composition, placement in the setting, of all these reasons why to collect Fine Art. Let’s not forget the fact that it is simply something fun to do.
Onli's Rhythmistic Fine Art practice continually evolves in both concept and technique. He melds various methods and ideas to achieve the most tasteful yet dynamic visual narrative and experience for the smart art lover or discriminating collector of contemporary Fine Art.
Above:  Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago congratulating Onli for his impressive Rhythmistic Fine Art display for the Annual Gala at the DuSable Museum of African American History. 

Below: Keith Richards of the Rolling stones showing his approval of an illustration created by Onli for the Rolling Stones in the EMI Studios near Paris in Spring of 1978.  Onli has taken his Rhythmistic Visual art to world class levels.
"Family Group", ( Oils on Canvas ) by Turtel Onli ,1969, recently sold in the SWANN GALLERIES Auction as part of the prestigious Johnson Publishing Company's Collection offering,
ABOVE: Prof. Onli, at work in the Commons area of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, doing an actual Rhythmistic painting.  This is an update of the image featured on the outer wall of the museum promoting its 2021 Summer / Fall blockbuster group exhibition, "Chicago Comics: 1960 Until Now!". This incredible 32"W X 42"H acrylics on  a primed  archival wooden panel is a rare fit for the right collection in that it was actually created in the gallery of one of the most important museums of contemporary art in the world. Serious collectors may use our Contact Tab to inquire about its price and payment arrangements.     LINK to presentation!                

Perfect for the rare institutional or individual collection
ABOVE: "NOG NUBA" is a 24"H X 36"W oils on primed wooden panel treatment as Onli is currently producing a new Rhythmistic Fine Art Collection based on his 1981 indie Graphic Novel, entitled, "NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides". This exciting vital Future-Primitif body of work will be shown at the right time, in the right place to the right flow of serious art lovers, curators,  & collectors!
Prof. Onli appreciating his Rhythmistic artworks featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and on permanent display at the Chicago Childrens' Museum.