"Onli invokes the wave of the future..."
This was a review by the late Dean of Art Criticism and Professor at the illustrious Midway Studios of the University of Chicago, Prof. Harold Haydon covering this thematic exhibition of Rhythmistic Art in 1981.

Culture, luxury, success & achievement are manifested through a great impressive art collection. You express your unique expertise and resourceful prestige with the Visual Fine Arts. You will never see this art in typical art galleries. At Onli Studios, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our dynamic contributions to the global visual arts as the innovator of Rhythmistic Visual Art. You will be impressed with how well this art will pop in any location. NBC News Chicago Comics LINK! 

Onli is all about the valuable impact of the visual narratives in fine art. Your collection is incomplete without the exclusive Rhythmistic fine art of Prof. Onli
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"Rhythmistic Visual Art..."
Onli was featured recently as a solo exhibitor and compelling lecturer at the impressive Box Factory For the Arts in the trendy upscale coastal resort town of St. Joseph in Western Michigan.

Onli addressed the value and rigor of his Rhythmistic practices.
"Rhythmistic Journey..."
Chicago's magnificent Harold Washington Library is the number two American library behind the Smithsonian in Washington DC. It hosted a dazzling showcase and insightful program honoring the entrepreneurial history of ONLI STUDIOS to positive acclaim.

Onli is a nexus of creativity, culture, content & commerce.
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"For the serious collector of luxurious Fine Art ONLI STUDIOS LLC is the exclusive platform for Prof. Onli's rare, dynamic, and important Rhythmistic Fine Art."
News and Reviews for Onli Studios and Prof.Turtel Onli
"Onli's Rolling Stones experience...."
Kieth Richards of the legendary Rolling Stones is pleasantly surprised while inspecting the album cover illustration / design created by Onli when he worked with them in the EMI Studios near Paris France in the Spring of 1978, 

Unfortunately this spectacular Rhythmistic illustration did not pass the censorship standards of that era and was not used. 

A serious loss to the international cosmopolitan world of illustration.
At its peak, PLAYBOY MAGAZINE made careers and was one of the highest paying, most influential magazines in the world. Onli spent years as the go-to illustrator for Playboy's "OUI" magazine's Music and Culture Review section.  Here is his future-primitif illustration of David Bowie from that era.  This illustration is in the possession of a smart collector who was visiting the offices of Playboy Magazine and made Onli the right offer. 

 Onli also was the chief illustrator per the Literary Review Section of CHICAGO MAGAZINE during that innovative time.

This serves notice to the growth potential of Onli's Rhythmistic Fine Art that is finally available via our unique auction platform. Auction Link
"Passion Fruit & No Evils..."
Onli presented selections from his two distinquished collections of his Rhythmisitc Fine Art at the vital ETA  Arts Center in Chicago. "Passion Fruit" which finds its unfoldment in visual narratives synthsised from the health giving watermelon and  the"No Evils" series which recontextualizes the ancient proverb of Heed No, Speak No & Seek No Evils. 
Onli often gives back to the community with exhibitions and presentations of his innovative Rhythmistic approaches to the creative process.

It took a dynamic village to produce this great art genre!
"Revolutionary Jazz Original Cover Art..."
The opulent Gallery Section of this important book, published in the England, opens with an improvised album cover illustrated and designed by a youthful Turtel Onli. It shows early manifestations of his future-primitif practice. The album, "Together/Alone" by Josheph Jarman & Anthony Braxton went on be the  jazz afficenato's collector's item.
" I would add that the modular, sequential, and serial aspect of Onli's work is particularly relevant."
Onli's Rhythmistic works and practices have reached astute scholars, smart art lovers along with important arts' organizations to positive critical impact and stimulation. 

Proof positive that this genius level activity of creativity, culture and commerce is accomplished and successful.
"Onli said "NO!" to Jazz legend
Miles Davis......."
In the late 1970s no one said "NO" to the jazz innovating and trend setting musical maddness of Miles Davis. But Onli did.  Davis wanted to use Onli's amazing Rhythmisitc album cover illustration however Davis did not want Onli to be paid cash for it. To which Onli said "NO"! 

 Then Miles offered Onli a bowl of a "white illegal substance" of tremendous street value in a barter offer.  Again Onli said "No". This original illustration in now in the substantial visual art collection of a jazz composer who happened to be a great fan of Miles Davis.  

"A Deal Is Possible In Copenhagen..."
"Itz A Rhythmistic World" is a Cool Globe created by Onli that addresses how automobile and bus emissions contribute to global warming along with showing humanity united on a global level to combat the negative  impact of such practices.  His globe was featured in the press covering the conference on Global Warming, a while back, in Copenhagen, addressing the potential of an international assault on pollution and other global offensiveness that contributes to global warming. 

Cool Globes is an important traveling public art colleciton that raises funds and awareness for dealing with the real threat of Global Warming. 

Onlis' globe features the happy-go-lucky fossil fuel buring red sports car moitf.

" Cool Globes; Hot ideas for a cooler planet..."
"Itz A Rhythmistic World": This popular Cool Globe created by Prof. Onli not only raised funds and consciousness to deal with climate change but also raised funds for the new Conservation Clubs initiative in the Chicago Public Schools.  These clubs helped participating students to expand from being trendy consumers into concerned citizens working toward a more positive future for their community and hopefully the entire world.
"Ownership is the highest form of Appreciation!"

We are offering exclusive important, museum quality Rhythmistic Art by Prof. Turtel Onli , M.A.A.T. for serious well resourced collectors, smart fans, curators, corporations, museums and successful creative types!

Onli is a rare two time graduate of the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago whose acclaimed fifty year long innovative practice has excelled in various aspects of the visual arts. This opulent and fascinating practice includes solo exhibitions, major market illustrations, indie-publications, museum collections, lectures, wearable art, multi-media productions and a critical residency.

Proof positive of the long term value and impact of all things Rhythmistic! 

Onli's Clients include:


Playboy Magazine

The Rolling Stones

WGN-NEWS Television

Holt, Rinehart & Winston Publishing Company

American Variety Entertainment

Singer Society For Visual Education

Paris Metro Magazine

PTA Magazine

House of Gemini Greeting Cards

MODE Avant-Garde Magazine

Capital Records

Johnson Publishing Company

Chicago Magazine

South Side Weekly Newspaper

River North Dancers, Chicago

Muntu Dance Company, Chicago

Onli's Exhibition History Includes:

The PRIZM Art Expo, Miami FL

The University of Chicago's Logan Arts Center

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

The FIAP, Paris France

Chicago Children's Museum

Cool Globes, Traveling Public Art Exhibition

Krannert Museum, Champaign IL

New Museum of Art, NY

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

University of Illinois, Chicago

Osun Center For the Arts

South Side Community Art Center, Chicago

Harold Washington Library, Chicago

Younger Gallery, Chicago

University of Illinois, Chicago

Box Factory For The Arts, St. Joseph Michigan

Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, Michigan

The Tubman Museum, Macon GA.

Rainbow Sign Gallery, Berkley CA

The DuSable Museum of African American History

Swann Galleries Auction, NY

Festac, Lagos Nigeria

Leroy Neiman Center, SAIC, Chicago

ETA, Chicago

Limelight Clubs International, Chicago, London

Stola Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago

Arts Center East, Vernon CT

Divine Alchemy Gallery, Saugatuck Michigan

Southern Shore Artists, Michigan City

Lubeznik Arts Center, Michigan City, IN

Tom McCormick Art Gallery, Michigan City, IN

Munster Center For Visual & Performing Arts,
Munster IN

Corvus Gallery, University of Chicago, Chicago
"Femme Chat" was created by Onli for the former trend setting glamor-lifestyle magazine of Europe, MODE AvantGarde.  This forward thinking publisher took full production advantage of Onli's Rhythmistic Cosmopolitan treatments in fashion and illustration.
Per the "Artistic & Spiritual Legacy" Exhibition of Prof. Turtel Onli & his late grandfather, The Rev. Samuel David Phillips, at the Mumster Center For Visual & Performing Arts